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History /Genesis

With the increased number of African artists emerging from all over the globe, Bluebox Radio Active's main objective is to promote African music to the world. African Music has grown over the time and it was just a matter of time someone came to the fore front and put it out that , there is good music emerging from the continent that the rest of the world could relate to and even entertained by.

“Bluebox Radio Active was Launched on the 31st of July 2016 by Enoch Naam (Deejay bluemoon) as the C.E.O. ”

History /Genesis

We are looking forward to an era to which the African artists can express themselves freely through music, talent and be able to earn from their art as other artists do in the western world.


African music industry is huge and the economic situation is also not as stable as most parts of the world hence most artists don't get a chance to be heard in a wide scale as much as the talent might be there. The radio intends to give a platform to these artist who might not get a chance to be by broadening the marketing scope reaching millions of potential listeners, fans and music labels that might want to work with particular artists on promotion.


Getting rest of the world could relate and even entertained by.

Therefore we are proud to;

1) Be the Ambassadors of African music 2) Promote African Music Across the globe 3) Unite Africans in Africa and Diaspora through music 4) Provide Quality and world class Entertainment


The Station is Available on The TuneIn Application, Google Play, Apple Music and many more sites that offer streaming services. © Copyright